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FadeUp Design Group is a lighting design firm based out of Omaha, NE focused on bringing professional level lighting and production design services to local, regional, national, & international events. FadeUp has had the pleasure of designing client productions for concerts, corporate events, recorded television specials, live television events, dvd specials and beyond.

Each-and-every client is unique in our book, & it’s our job to turn their vision into a reality. So whether we’re working with a corporation, a local business, or some of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry, we continually hone our process and always remain vigilant to our client’s initial vision & desires.


At FDG, we have over 50 years of combined lighting experience, and leverage that design experience to maximize the use of the equipment needed to create a memorable and stunning production. Furthermore, we offer our expertise throughout the building phase to not only enhance our client’s goals, but also help them avoid costly mistakes. This is done by our staff of professionals, utilizing proven design methods customized for each environment we’re hired for.


Our methodology and design experience also means that we are able to present clients with options that will give them the most value for their dollar. At FDG, we look at design through an artistic, yet realistic lens, and our professionals will always tell our clients the best lighting and production direction needed in order to create their vision while remaining within their budget.


Our goal is always to exceed our client’s vision and deliver a design that is beyond expectations. Our design methods have proven to help our clients understand, that the production choices they are making are the right ones for the look of their event. FDG’s unique methods also give our clients the flexibility to see and understand the production process, and make decisions ahead of time which helps save them money.


In every production there is a sweet spot that borders pushing the budget all while keeping the design as effective as it can be. Our job is to find that spot and deliver a memorable & creative design, that performs every night without fail.

Heath Marrinan

Heath Marrinan

Heath Marrinan has worked in the lighting industry since 1988 and is an expert in his field.

Heath Marrinan
Justin Kitchenman

Justin Kitchenman

Justin Kitchenman has been creating with light for over 20 years.

Justin Kitchenman
Chris Tsuji

Chris Tsuji

Chris has been with the FDG team since mid-2017. Starting in 2011 he has taken the lead in organizing and producing several Omaha area music festivals and events.

Chris Tsuji
Client Services Manager

Justin of FadeUp Design Group has been working with us for several years now, and his designs are consistently impressive no matter the size of the project. He’s an experienced Lighting Designer and is great at mixing and matching different kinds of Fixtures to make sure designs Fit the artist he’s designing for. Working with Justin, and the entire FDG team, is always very low key with great communication. In the concert production world, low stress and easy communicating make for an enjoyable business relationship.

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